What Is Being Said About My Interior Design Services

Tom Simons

President - Tubac Woodworks, Inc.

I have known and worked with Jacki for over 20 years on various projects ranging from; participating in complete home renovations to collaborating on the simplest of free standing pieces.  Jacki and I have a good working relationship that has developed over this time period where I've always known her to be honest, trustworthy, and fair.  Her flair for visualizing color and texture in spaces is remarkable, always with the outcome being to her customer's delight.  Jacki's "no hassle" approach to things is rare in regard to other decorators that I have done work for.  Jacki seems to connect with her customers in a way that compliments their desired outcome of whatever project they embark upon.  It is my pleasure to relay this information to you about Jacki and her business!

Carly Donnelly

Hunter Douglas

Great job ....

J. Smith

Green Valley, AZ

I found it most enjoyable to work with Jacki. She understood my design likes and dislikes and is happy to incorporate my ideas with hers. My home looks great!

Diane Hawthorne

Green Valley, AZ

I started working with Jacki McCue and Continental Design around 2002 when we purchased window treatments for our kitchen, family, and living rooms. When the large living room cornice board was installed, it was obvious the design pop-outs were inaccurately placed. I've had some bad experiences in the past so when we contacted Jacki about the problem, I almost expected her to say this is the way we ordered it. That was not the case. She came over immediately and without hesitation told us she would have the installer come out within the week to remove it and would contact us when the problem was resolved. I don't remember the exact timeframe, but I'm sure it was no longer than a few weeks. This time the pop-outs were perfectly placed. One other time we had quartz countertops installed in our kitchen and the installer noticed a crack. Jacki had them redo this section, but made sure while we were waiting we had a usable counter and sink. I point out these two instances as examples of what can go wrong and how Jacki McCue accepts nothing but perfection from her work crews. It is such a relief to not have to piecemeal work out, never knowing if it will be done in a timely fashion or whether the work will be done correctly. I know Jacki will be sure I'm getting quality workmanship. She has impeccable taste-- whether modern, southwest, contemporary--her design advice is excellent. Over the years she has transformed our house into a home that I absolutely love. I recommend her unequivocally.

Gary Cooper

S & S Constructors

With the never-ending trend shifts and constantly evolving design elements available to choose from, identifying your personal style can be quite daunting. That's where Jacki shines! Without allowing her ego to get in the way, she is able to help you define your own distinctive look and achieve a finished product you will be proud to call "home".

Marie LeRoy

Green Valley

Jacki was wonderful! I worked with her on obtaining beautiful blinds for several windows in a renovated home as well as carpeting for another home. Jacki was professional in every way---all was done according to expectations. She is the only person I’ve worked with in Green Valley that provided a time line and stuck to it and provided all costs up front.

Thank you Jacki!